Sweater Campaign

The Vilena Crypt

The party was enlisted by Markus Vilena to explore his family crypt and locate his family heirloom, a golden trinket shaped like an eye with a V embossed on it.

The party explored the crypt and found the following note on a dead graverobber:

I am a statue
And within me
You’ll need the weapon with the power
To bring you to the room
With my beautiful heirloom.

The party figured out that this related to weapons that were in rooms off to the side of the main crypt. The weapons were specific to each statue and when placed incorrectly, the party was damaged by an arrow trap and some strange green gas.

After opening the main crypt, the party inspected the altar and encountered two mummies. The battle was hard-fought, with Mundis getting paralyzed by fear early on. Unaries, the party’s druid, did a good job of summmoning a flame sphere, which greatly damaged the mummies. Moraim held his own against one of the mummies. Damage was intense, as Unaries’ wolf, Paqua, was slammed a couple of times and had to retreat. Both Moraim and Mundis contracted mummy rot, a horrible superficial disease. Dimble Ish laid down some spells that worked very well.

The pary eventually prevailed, finding some treasure:

The Vilena family heirloom, The Hammer of Muiradin, 500 gp worth of rubies, and (other treasure).

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