The Fire Pit

A Dwarven and Gnomish bar located in Bishop’s Landing
Dee, the bartender

The Fire Pit Drinking Contest (Treasure: 3d10 + 15 x10gp | XP: 50)

The Fire Pit has a weekly drinking contest on Saturday nights. The cost is 10gp (plus a 5gp ale and pump deposit) and the winner takes all. All contestants drink a tankard of ale in ten minutes. Failure to finish the drink in time results in disqualification. Every ten minutes, the remaining contestants have ten more minutes to drink another tankard. The process goes on until there is one standing. The strength of ale increases as time goes on based on the following:

Rounds 1-4 Common Ale DC 11 0/0/-1/-1
Rounds 5-8 Stout Ale DC 12 -2/-2/-3/-4
Remaining Rounds Dwarven Ale DC 13 -5/-6/-7/-8…

A failed fort save results in 1d2 points of temporary ability damage to both WISDOM and DEXTERITY (roll separately). Reaching a zero is wisdom results in passing out, while a zero in dexterity results in a drunken collapse. If both reach zero, a fort save DC 13 or the character must have their stomach pumped. An expert healer is on hand to pump stomachs.

Notable Competition
Purst “The Judge” Battlebeard FORT +7 DEX 8 WIS 16
Gaar Lanis FORT +2 DEX 12 WIS 10
Dory Tumblebelly FORT +2 DEX 14 WIS 12
Previous Winners Amount Won
Moraim 310gp
Moraim 290gp
Unaries 380gp
Dory Tumblebelly 300gp
Unaries 370gp

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The Fire Pit

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